Tall Tweets, send tweets longer than 140 characters

Usually Twitter won’t allow its users to send (compose) tweets longer than 140 characters. The one which exceeds the limit will not be posted. To overcome this, there are many Apps like “TwitLonger”, this particular application allows you to compose and send a tweet longer than 140 characters, yet it has a drawback, what’s that. […]

Save Money on Your Google Adwords Campaign

You’re one of the thousands of advertisers using Google AdWords to drive online customers to win? You understand the commercial power of Google pay-per-click (PPC) platform. But using Google AdWords but efficient and cost-effective? How do I create a successful Google AdWords campaign? Select the right keywords to work. Use keywords not only general, because […]

How to make Google chrome more stable

The frequent crashes of Flash player specially while watching a video seems one of the most annoying things on Google Chrome or other web browsers. Disabling ShockWaveFlash plug-in, or turning on Quick to play can resolve the issue permanently. Here’s a fix: How to fix ShockWave Flash to stop crashing in Google Chrome ? First […]

how to add paypal donate button to blogger

Below must be confirm to unique or beautifull widget. find the any one can nice thanks up to supports us donate him. some one good widgets or any data easily ravenue of minimum 25$ to 50$ dollar generous helps now blogger should be make up widget just making a good time smile : )   […]

Best Alternatives for Google Reader

Google has a bad name when it comes to serve products with a steady flow. History says whenever Google finds any of its products stop earning revenue, it shuts it down. The number of products shut down by Google as of now include; the image editor “Picnic”, the clipping tool “Notebook”, the podcast client “Listen”, […]